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Photo Jan 27, 10 12 09 AM

{a tractor helping out with snow plowing}


{drowning in snow}

Photo Jan 27, 11 33 01 AM{it’s a race! cross country skier vs. snow plow}

Escape to Mexico

A little vacation never hurt anyone.  With the east coast winter charging full speed ahead, I thought it would be nice to look back on a recent visit to Cabo, Mexico.  Spring and warm weather can’t come soon enough!


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Oh-gun-quit: Ogunquit, ME

One of the best parts about living in New England is exploring new towns.  Here are some photos of Ogunquit, ME which is small little town by the ocean.  Can’t wait to go back!

IMG_0090 IMG_0097 IMG_0102 IMG_0110 IMG_0113 IMG_0120 IMG_0124 IMG_0136 IMG_0165 IMG_0166

~ May 2014 ~ 

I had just signed a lease for a new apartment that I wasn’t even looking for.  The apartment was in a new town and the lease was to start in September.  The owners who were renting it seemed very nice and the apartment was huge!

The next day…

Headlines in the news announce a three-alarm fire in the town of my new apartment, on my same street, actually next door to my new place, eek.  A sudden feeling of buyers remorse and possibly a bad omen had crept up.  Maybe moving was a horrible idea or maybe this wasn’t the right apartment for me?

The landlords were very reassuring that the neighbors were not going to rebuild anytime soon so we wouldn’t be moving in next door to a big construction site.  They were however, going to replace all of the siding on our house so that was good news.

Moving Day…

Pulling up to the new place and seeing my new home was kind of horrific (picture below on the left).  I was going to move into the ugliest house on the block!  The new siding project had just started and would be completed in a about a week so I got to move in pre-face lift.  After two weeks with some loud and very chatty construction workers the new looks is great!

I’ve settled in nicely and looking forward to my new home and new address.  All of the anticipation was worth it and I can’t be happier looking out on my neighbor’s (very empty lot) next door.

62 Marlboro Duo

I have just recently discovered the app Instagram!  It’s a photo sharing app that also incorporates social media making it easy for everyone to access.  You can create a very simple profile with an optional blurb about yourself and a photo.  From here you can find friends,movie stars, or news teams and share view photos instantly.   The best feature about Instagram is that you can manipulate the photos with filters provided by the app.  The filters can enhance the colors of the photos, include a frame, or make it look like the photo was taken with a 35mm camera.  It has been fun to document my fun experiences and share them right away with friends.


{My favorite source of sourdough bread! Boudin Bakery!}


{We took the ferry from Alameda into San Francisco}


{My Saturday morning training bike ride on Collier Canyon Rd in Livermore}


{Lunch stop at a Mexican restaurant}


{The glory days!  Desert landscape near the base of Camelback Mountain Phoenix, Arizona}


{A view to melt anyone’s heart}


{Pebble Beach picture from my previous post}


{Shopping for some cowboy boots}


{San Francisco City Hall}


{Neighborhood hike}


{My favorite Instagram photo!!  A view from the back of the ferry of San Francisco at sunset}

Sometimes you just have to “Seas the Day”.  In this case it was a weekend.  Before I moved from Boston I went on a “death row diet” that consisted of lobster rolls and cannolis.  For some reason I thought that because I was moving, I may never have an opportunity to eat my two favorite items every again, and if I did they wouldn’t taste nearly as good as the ones in Boston.  This was definitely a crazy haze because since I have moved, I have had plenty of opportunities to go back to Boston and eat lobster rolls and cannolis!  While on this diet spree I took a trip to Newburyport, MA and found a piece of driftwood with the phrase “Seas the Day” written on it.  Since I was moving and wanted to take the nautical feel of New England with me I thought I had to have this!  I placed my newly purchased piece of driftwood above my front door and read the phrase every day as I left and it has stuck in my head.

Now, every time I have an opportunity to go to the beach or just a chance to see it I can’t pass it up.  The other weekend I took a trip with some of my best friends, three girls I have known since elementary school, to the Monterey area.  After college we all went our separate ways, continued to stay in touch, and 10 years later we have all moved back to the Bay Area!  The weekend was a great chance for us to hangout, catch up, and test each other’s competitive spirit with a game of Hearts and Bananagrams.   It’s almost scary how fast 10 years have gone by but I am looking forward what is in store for us next!  I’m looking forward to “Seasing 2013”!


{It was too cold to swim but warm enough to enjoy the view}


{I like the contrast of the blue water against the green and red of the plants in the foreground}


{Lucky treasure from the golf course}





{The Lone Cypress off of 17 Mile Drive}


{Carmel Beach: Bring Your Own Dogs}


{Beautiful Rustic Dining Room Table at the Beach House}



{California: So Much to do, So Many Weekend Trips to Plan}


{Four Friends, 23 Years of Friendship, and One Great Weekend Beach Trip}

Saturday Bike Ride

Here is a picture that I frantically took (while in motion) on my bike ride this past Saturday.  I have been biking every weekend in order to prepare for a 65 mile bike ride I am doing in April.  So far the training has been a big challenge but yet a wonderful chance for me to enjoy the great weather and scenery.


Great Gatsby Inspired

In anticipation of The Great Gatsby moving coming out this summer, I have been revisiting my high school reading list and trying to catch up on key aspects of the story line that I neglected to understand in high school.  There is still a little bit of a rewarding high school homework feeling when I complete reading a book and then see the movie.  I am always more partial to the book and true story line than the Hollywood version and hype.

When I picture the house the Jay Gatsby lives in, I can’t help but picture The Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island.  The mansion was build by the Vanderbilt’s as their summer home.  Before I left Boston this was one of the day trips that I wanted to take and I had to see this gorgeous, enormous, sprawling, over-the-top mansion! I have just now realized that I took pictures on my adventure a couple of years ago and that the whole time I have been reading The Great Gatsby this is what I keep picturing in my mind.  Although Gatsby’s mansion may be of a different era and style I think The Breakers is a great starting point for a visual reference.

The grass, the flowers, the stone, and the details are all amazing!  My tourist cover is blown with all of the people in my exterior shot but I can picture classy croquet games and dance parties in the back yard during the 1920s.  I hope the movie can capture a little bit of what I already have in my mind.

IMG_5434 IMG_5437

IMG_5443IMG_5438  IMG_5466 IMG_5453 IMG_5460 IMG_5463

A View From the Middle

In case you were wondering what central California looks like here is a quick glimpse.  It’s a peaceful drive and it’s always nice to see all of the patters that the crops make as you drive by the farms.

IMG_6184 IMG_6185 IMG_6205 IMG_6206

I have officially moved back to California and can’t imagine a better time to restart my blogging adventures!  Here is a quick photo of the great weather welcoming forecast that was on the news yesterday morning.  I think the 68 degree prediction was a little aggressive but it was pretty warm around lunch time but then the temperature started to drop.  At least it’s not snowing!  This is what I have to keep telling myself.   I’ll take a low of 40, even 30, with rain over single digit weather and a wind chill.